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ReTales: Rynn Vogel, Buyer and Manager for Ananda

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It's not unusual to go into a boutique in LA, fully ready to buy something, only to feel like you can't afford a single item. Sticker shock on everything from candles to tees and tanks—trying not to gape at $96 leggings. Smile politely, walk slowly out the door. Ananda on Abbot Kinney, which culls merch from local and global designers, actually makes an effort to stock reasonable priced items—apparel and accessories to housewares and gifty items. Buyer and store manager Rynn Vogel (who plays the same role for sister boutique Skylark next door) gives us the lowdown.

Why this store, on Abbot Kinney?
Venice is still coming into its own. It used to be some mean streets for a while. It’s just the last decade it became a place people want to be at. The owners live in the neighborhood and wanted to bring a store like this into Venice. What sets us apart is our low pricing. If you come in looking for a gift for a friend, you can get something for yourself, too.

What’s been flying off the racks?
Our main role is to bring trends off the runway to everyday people. We carry a lot of knock-off bags. Like a bag that costs $500, we carry the 3rd generation of it for $50. We also carry a lot of local artists like Leigh Helena; we try to push the people we believe in. Same with the sunglasses and hats—we try to bring the fashions to everyday people.

What are you most excited about in store right now that maybe isn’t flying off the racks?
Because we are the buyers and we were at the forefront, we get excited about next season fashions before other people see them—like trench coats and flannel coats—but there is no market for it yet. We always feel like school kids in August who just want to wear their school clothes.

You have $100 to shop anywhere in L.A.—where do you go?
Um, I’d shop at my own store, silly. I’m also big into vintage, so I have a lot of places that are my favorite stops. One in Little Ethiopia, I forget the name, that has the most stuff I’ve ever seen per square foot.

Make it $1,000.
I like to spread money around, so I’d probably hit up some stores on Main Street or Melrose. I tend to stay away from places like the Grove or 3rd, so I don’t come out looking like every other girl.

Whose wardrobe would you burn if you could?
Someone like Pam Anderson or Christina Aguilera, people who dress for attention. They just don’t choose to dress their body properly.

Who would win in a fight—Marc Jacobs or Karl Lagerfeld?
I think Jacobs is a pussy so? I’d say Lagerfeld. He’s older but you can tell he’s a scrapper.