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Politics of Fashion: Tim Gunn on Michelle's "Sexiness" vs. Cindy's "Duct-Taped" Look

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Following up on Tim Gunn's Time interview, in which he said Cindy McCain's ponytail was so tight, it looked like someone had "tried to give her a face-lift," The Cut hunted down the Project Runway host to get some more thoughts on the potential First Ladies' style.

On Michelle: "There is no contest!! I mean, Michelle really epitomizes American style, and she's not afraid to show her shape, she's not afraid to show her sexiness without being the least bit inappropriate...She's just an alluring woman."
On Cindy: "And Cindy with her suits and she's all buttoned up, she's just soooo — she just looks like she's duct-taped! There is just something about her, and in a way it's a metaphor about who she is!...I'm just not a fan. I don't know who her advisers are, but it's the whole look — her clothes have to be fixed too...I just don't think she's capable of improving the look. It's an inaccessibility in the way [Cindy] presents herself to the world, whereas Michelle has an accessibility. You would feel comfortable just going up to her and saying something like, 'How are you?' And with Cindy you have to be careful you’re not speared!"

While Michelle is making it work, you can envision Gunn—arms crossed, index finger to lips—looking over his glasses at the Cindster: "I'm concerned."
· Tim Gunn: Cindy McCain Looks ‘Like She’s Duct-Taped’ [The Cut]