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Just Hillin': Overdosin' on American Apparel, Heidi Montag's Latest Audio and Visual Disaster

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This morning marked the launch of Heidi Montag's latest video for song Overdosin'. The video lasts for ten minutes—perfectly ripe for about any overdosin' joke you can think of—but with only about three minutes of audio. Yeah, it's like they shot a bunch of footage (a horrible attempt at camp, mostly Heidi shot in gauzy light with her porn face on) and just put music over the first half. We are certain the average junior high AV club could put out a better product than this. And if it looks like Montag is in head-to-toe American Apparel, it's because she is. Per the label's blog:

"Hills star Heidi Montag has been taking her music career to the next level with an workout inspired music video. Where do you go to dress like an aerobic sex stars of the 80s? AA of course. Heidi can be seen rocking the shiny in both shiny and matte black, with a bandeau bra, three striped knee highs, shiny wide headband. The 'higher' signer [sic] also sported sparkle pantyhose, legwarmers and the skinny nylon webbing belt in teal."

Ditto for her video cohorts: "The stylist practically one-stop-shopped at AA for the dance crew as well. The zipper bodysuit, zebra print leggings, legwarmers, terry headbands, wristbands, shiny stirrup tights and many others pieces were keeping things tight and bright!" Cheap Halloween costume perhaps?
· Heidi Montag gets phy-si-cal in American Apparel [American Apparel]