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Storecasting: Whole Foods in Venice

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Whole Foods at Rose and Lincoln in Venice is about to open—September 3 or 4, according to Yo! Venice! The blog reports that merch has already arrived and the outside looks "amazing." Parking is already problematic however:

"The repaved parking lot is still a nightmare. The lanes are narrow and spaces are tiny. It’s also completely packed with cars! Some are contractor trucks, but not all of those cars could be from the construction, the laundromat, the dollar store, and CVS. I can only imagine what it’ll be like when Whole Foods actually opens. Audis and Mercedes endlessly circling to find a spot. The unmistakeable sound of car doors getting dinged."

See, everyone just needs to buy smaller Audis and Mercedes and everything would be OK.
· Whole Foods Opening Soon in Venice! [Yo! Venice!]