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Tracy Reese Spring '09

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We get a little peek into NYC-based Tracy Reese's spring '09 collection, who shows September 7 at New York Fashion Week. From Reese's PR, we get this sketch and a brief description: "The Tracy Reese spring 2009 collection is an ethereal progression of nature through the seasons with delicate, yet sophisticated pieces that emanate modern romance. Pastel prints inspired by Japanese art feature chrysanthemums and hazy blue skies while structured leather is softened with touches of leaf appliqué. Relaxed and draped silhouettes feature hues of a sumptuous green garden that are intensified with Van Gogh inspired prints of the same palette. Summer comes full circle with architectural shapes and defined prints of sleek stripes and laser cut lace." Tracy, we'd like to put in a request for a West Coast flagship now. [Racked Inbox]