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Malled: Missed Connections at The Grove

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Craigslist, eHarmony, be damned. What about a good old fashioned flyer? It's good enough for garage sales, why not for missed connections? This sign was posted somewhere near Postcard from LA writer Dana Goodyear's home: "I got up close to read the small text at the bottom: 'I meant to give you my contact information as ‘our paths’ might not cross again in the near future so I had my son put up this sign as a shot in the dark. Would love to speak with you again.-Jan' (She left an e-mail address and I wrote to it; no word yet on what passed between them in the parking lot at the Grove.)" Hm, a little TMI, Jan. Really, no need to let the world know you had your son post this thing. And what's going on with the font here? Are you trying to catch Jerry as he drives by in his Silver Lexus or from the air in his PRIVATE JET?
· Desperately Seeking Jerry [Postcard from LA]

The Grove

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