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Daniel Dishes Post-Ousting

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This week's oustee from Project Runway wished he hadn't worked so hard to please his drag queen and confirms plans to do a collection with fellow booted contestant Wesley (whom people say he's dating). From Stylehive's weekly post-boot interview, Daniel described the look he had wanted to create for the show: "a silver lamé with a glass crystal and kind of make it dangled and crystaled and really over-the-top and layers and layers and so like a big gown that looks like it’s encrusted with all these crystals and a metallic lamé." Huh? He either needs to take a deep breath, or we need some commas and a sketch. Who he thinks should win: "Leanne...A lot of people who design have a very traditional way of looking at things, and I think she has kind of an abstract view on things which is different and it’s refreshing to see a designer with that perspective." [Stylehive]