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Party (S)hopping: 15 Minutes with Alternative Apparel and Matt Sohl, John Varvatos Shop-In-Shop, and KZO's Fall Collection

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If you want an opportunity to drink free booze and nibble on small bites, these parties at Fred Segal, featuring multiple labels/collabs/pop-ups are definitely an option. You may not get a goodie bag if you're not on the list, but for the most part it's open to the public.

We made the rounds, hitting the 15 Minutes with Alternative Apparel and Matt Sohl debut at Fred Segal Flair first. The people heading it up are calling it an "installation," but it's basically a pop-up/shop-in-shop. The space will rotate labels and artists on a regular basis. "The rules are there are no rules," Creative Director John Moore told Racked. And of particular interest to labels: "This is an unedited selection of Alternative. So often, you don't see much of the label because buyers only buy certain pieces for boutiques. This way you get to see what the label wants you to see."

So what you get is a comprehensive sampling of Alternative's offerings, as well as cheery candy-hued paintings by Matt Sohl and collab Alternative/Sohl tees. At least through September 30 when their 15 minutes is up.

Onward, we went to the John Varvatos shop-in-shop across the street at Fred Segal Man, which will be around for 11 months. The space is clubby in black and red, with a wall of speakers and other rock 'n' roll paraphernalia and posters filling the 400-square-foot space. Here, you'll find the John Varvatos and John Varvatos USA Collection. As all John Varvatos, it's not cheap. A delectable black cotton military-style jacket (which we thought was cashmere it was so damn soft) was upwards of $900. Though for one shopper, swilling a pinkish martini and dripping it all over the merch, price clearly was not an issue; he seemed on a mission to spend a load of cash.

Most of the party was going on outside the space, however, where the DJ and bar was set up. This was also the area where KZO's buildout at Hollywood Trading Company is placed. The small space packs a lot of punch with the label's outdoorsy-tailored-grunge aesthetic. Which, we know, what does that mean? It means lots of plaid, puffy vests, trousers and woolly outerwear, with detailing that takes it to a whole other level. Plaid button-downs have epaulets; vests are done in herringbone; trousers are slimmed down (though not skinny) with tuxedo elements, even on shorts; substantial winter coats have leather patches at the elbows. Undeniably masculine but elegant, designer Joel Knoerschild is definitely on to something.
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