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Launches & Releases: James Perse Custom-Built Beach Cruiser

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Sure, there are now bike shares in Paris and Washington, DC. But in LA, it's a pretty spectacular sight to see people cruising (at the beach, of course, but also nowhere near the beach) in cute skirts and sandals on a regular basis. We have a long, long way to go to get a substantial number of cars off the road, but it's still an exciting development.

Right on time, James Perse has released a vintage-style custom-built beach cruiser, available exclusively in James Perse boutiques. They come in dark orange (shown above), matte black, green khaki, and antique white, with features including "Hydroform steel frame, billet aluminum stem, hand-aged leather seat and grips, triple-clamp fork, extra large aluminum sprocket, extra wide 2" rims and 2.125" tires, 1 speed coaster brake hub and a limited edition serial number tag," per the site. You will not be leaving this chained to a rail outside your apartment at around $2,200. More likely, if you're paying for this handsome cruise, you've got indoor storage space to spare, and not on a rental basis.
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