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Reality of Fashion: Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 6

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The Challenge: This week, contestants got $200 and two days to create a look for a drag queen, which portrayed each's persona. Project Runway Season 4 contestant Chris March introduced the challenge to the designers and later walked the studio floor with Tim Gunn giving suggestions—"be theatrical, go over the top!" was oft repeated. The winner would get immunity and the outfits were to be auctioned off to benefit an org dealing with issue affecting people with HIV/AIDS. March, however was not the guest judge, as we mistakenly indicated earlier; rather, RuPaul—whom we hadn't seen in ages!—did the honors.

The drag queens' energetic spirits seemed to really lighten the mood this week as the overall vibe was positive and fun. And even though Blayne's all-things-licious-attention-desperate ploys are wearing thin—prompting fellow designers to come up with their own versions, "annoyedlicious," "barflicious"—complaints were lodged without malice. Blayne's outfit also prompted the best quote from Tim: "It looks like a terradactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park."

The Winner: Joe's cotton candy pink sequined sailor girl jumpsuit for Varla Jean Merman took home the prize. From Nina: "I think she's fantastic." From Heidi to Varla: "Your body looks amazing in it." And from RuPaul, noting the well-placed belt over a certain potentially-bulging area: "It's accentuating the parts that need to be accentuated and hiding the candy."

Also placing in the top three was Terri who dressed Acid Betty in a "Super Samurai" kimono. Michael was a big, big fan: "I think it's heaven...I think I need those boots." Korto also scored in the top three with her hot red glittery minidress with dramatic, sculptural corsage and removable skirt for Sweetie. RuPaul noted: "On the runway, you could tell she was living for this moment." And from Michael: "It has a lot of drama and exuberance, but also the shape is really flattering."

The Loser: Daniel, looking like a petulant child, lost with his ho-hum strapless, ruffled pink and yellow gown for Annida Greenkard. When Nina asked him why he didn't use any sequins or florals, Daniel said it would've been "too gaudy. I'd want to throw up looking at it." RuPaul looked like he wanted to throw up on Daniel. From Heidi: "I would've liked to have seen more drama, more innovation." Michael was bored with it: "This is drag. You're not getting the 'pow.' It's a very normal dress." At the end, Daniel was still adamant about his impeccable taste: "I know that I'm extremely talented and have a good taste level, so this isn't going to stop me."

Keith also scored low points with yet another fringed number for Sherry Vine. Heidi thought it was "messy"; RuPaul didn't like the "randomness" of the fringe. Nina was perplexed: "I don't understand what this thing is." And from Michael: "It's sort of like a sad chicken—a molting gray chicken." Also in the bottom three was Jerell with his sequined, big-collared, fringed dress for LeMay. RuPaul thought the proportions were off: "The dress is too long and makes her waist look long." While Michael was bored again: "One of my aunts would've worn that dress. It's a bat mitzvah moment."
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