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Designer Collabs: More Comme Des Garcons for H&M Previews

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Photo via Fashionista via Racked NYC

We get it. Saturation of info. This is exactly what Jane Mayle was talking about. But the thing is, even if everyone talks/writes about Comme Des Garcons for H&M to death, fashion-y peeps will still be clamoring to the fast fashion chain when it looks like this. Racked NYC duly notes that Comme designer Rei Kawakubo is taking no prisoners when it comes to her line for the Swedish retailer: "...Kawakubo...hasn't remotely toned down her vision for her collaboration with H&M, at least judging from the pictures floating around the Internet. A waxy-looking model with a Dutch boy haircut models Hammer pants and deconstructed Edwardian blazers (both Commes trademarks) while her male counterpart tries valiantly to see through his greasy bangs. It's all very odd, but then, that's Kawakubo's appeal..."
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