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Ousted Kelli Talks About Loss

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The most recent designer dismissed from the Project Runway lineup, Kelli, tells Stylehive she knew she was going home, thought Jerell's look should've won the challenge, and that her boutique has taken off since the show. On going home: "I wasn’t as TV-savvy as Blayne was—I didn’t have any gimmicks or catch-phrases. So I just knew that because of the circumstances, that I was going home and I was trying to prepare myself for that." On Jerell's look that took second place to Keith's: "It was sexy, it was pretty, and it was different but at the same time it was classy... Everyone else, not so much..." On the launching of her site and growth of her business: "I’m in the process right now of getting actual garments up on the website, but it is there...I also have my store, Black Market, which is really taking off obviously because of the show, and that’s the most I could ever ask for, it’s out of control!" [Stylehive]