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Seam and Heard: Mollie Culligan, Designer of Jack Rabbit Collection

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Ask anyone in a creative field. There are a lot of naysayers in this city. So what could be more wonderfully peculiar than an LA designer whose founding philosophy consists of “saying yes”? Meet Mollie Culligan, documentary filmmaker-turned photographer -turned jewelry maker-turned leather bag and belt designer of the Jack Rabbit Collection. Crafted in LA from the finest leather (buttery soft from Italy) and detailing (hand ironed; zippers dyed to match the collection palette), be prepared to be stopped in the streets clutching one of Culligan's creations. Each week, part of her profits go to charity—from Unicef to stopping human trafficking in Nepal. We say yes to all of it.

What inspired your latest collection?
The elegant, foxy '70s hippie chick who has an '80s rock ’n’ roll attitude.

Who’s the quintessential Jack Rabbit woman?
A city-lover with an appetite for daring, a strong sense of independence with an artesian sensibility, and a unique elegance. Someone who innovates rather than follows trends. She’s really a collective of all the girls that are part of the Jack Rabbit team.

Who’s your favorite LA designer?

Who’s your favorite designer overall?

What are the advantages of working in LA over working in NYC?
We have the “split city” approach, I’m in NYC every month. Our momentum definitely is in Los Angeles though. I love it here, there is something happening in LA right now that is a resurgence of unique energy and youth breaking the mold on art and culture in a way that’s fresh and not just related to the beach. An original voice that is as bright as the sunshine here, which is constant—and definitely another reason for staying in SoCal!

What’s your go-to shopping spot in LA?
American Rag, because it’s a very European retailer, yet with a definite LA sensibility. Ron Herman, Barneys.

What’s the season’s must-have item?
Our Concord bag—it’s a large foldover bag, really an essential life bag (for travel, computer, purse). It’s a statement and everyday piece at the same time.

The season’s-not-under-any-circumstances-don’t care if you’re Angelina Jolie or Victoria Beckham-have item?
For me the great thing about fashion is that it’s an expression of individuality, like painting art on the surface of you. Anyone’s natural inclination and expression is a beautiful thing. The only turn-off is a copycat sensibility.

The Jack Rabbit Collection is available at American Rag, Ron Herman and Photos by Christina von Messling; makeup by Tania D. Russell/ using Smashbox Cosmetics.

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