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Malled: CB2 Possibly to 8000 Sunset

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Since posting our last 8000 Sunset update, a number of commenters have given us some good intel. We posted about rumblings that a Cheesecake Factory may be coming into the old Virgin Megastore space, but one Racked reader queries: "While I was signing up for a membership, the manager at Crunch told me that 'CB2' was looking to go into the old Virgin Megastore space. Has anyone else heard this?" To which another reader replies: "Yes, CB2 (Crate & Barrel) has signed a Letter of Intent to move into the old virgin megastore space. TJs has already started construction and both are rumored to open early 2009." Good news for those who, a) don't think there needs to be another Cheesecake Factory in the world, and b) would rather not have to haul up to Ikea in Burbank for less-than-insanely priced furniture.
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