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Discontinued: Danmark and Meg, Two Retail Casualties on West 3rd Street

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It is not a good day for retail on West 3rd Street. In the last few minutes, we've received word that women's apparel shops Danmark and Meg are both closing shop. Danmark sent out a flyer announcing the closure to customers:

"We are very sad to announce that the shop 'danmark' will be closing this Sunday. We want to thank everybody for your support for the past 3 years and hope we will be able to serve you again some time int he future. For the last remaining days, Thursday-Saturday, the shop will be open from 10am to 8pm and everything will be 80% off or $20. Please come and help us clear out our inventory of great quality styles from Denmark. Thank you, Lehang Pederson"

Literally seconds later, we received the tip: "meg on 3rd St is closing (near Orlando)...2-day super sale (Wed and Thurs). It's too bad that so many boutiques are closing these days...high rents, the economy, inflation (including gas), and scarce parking. [Owners] Meg and Martin left a note to customers on/in the window." Meg, however, has three other boutiques in NYC, Toronto and Dublin, so the closing of one shop isn't quite so dramatic. The upside? Some serious sales in the area. [RackedWire]