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Dog Days of Summer: American Apparel's Dov Charney Loses Pooch

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Photo via LAist

We're not sure if this is for real, a marketing ploy, or both. American Apparel honcho Dov Charney has plastered Silver Lake and Echo Park with flyers and two back-to-back billboards at Sunset and Alvarado with an adorable pooch that's gone missing. Per LAist, one flyer reads:

"Her Name is Hedkayce. I have had her for 10 years. She weighs 10lbs and has a scar on the left side of her face. She was left in the front yard of my home at 1809 Apex Ave. (Silverlake [sic] area). Please call at 213-923-7493 (cell) or my assistant Maria at 213-923-0616. ~ Dov Charney"

The blog has some doubts regarding the intentions of the search effort: "We hope Hedkayce is found (and really hope this is not some way to advertise the company's Organic Baby Rib Dog T, as we've heard some people mumble off the record). A phone call and e-mail this morning to American Apparel were not immediately returned."
· Dov Charney's Lost Dog [LAist]