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Designer Collabs: K.Z.O + Unholy Matrimony's Brawny Man

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K.Z.O Creative Director Joel Knoerschild has been busy getting his menswear label into the fashion landscape with events at MAS boutique, De La Barracuda and Fred Segal Hollywood Trading Company. His latest escapade is a flannel shirt collaboration with artist/designer (and co-owner of Comme des Garçons guerrilla store Downtown) Brett Westfall's label, Unholy Matrimony. This marriage ends in buttoned-down Japanese flannel, layered to look as if you're wearing two shirts. There are two choices: gray flannel over red or over yellow. The fall/winter '08 shirts—not your '90s-era grunge but tailored lumberjack—retail for $330 and are available at Fred Segal Hollywood Trading Company in Santa Monica and Legion on Larchmont. [RackedWire]