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99 Cents Only Sometimes

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The price of crap is on the rise! Franklin Avenue reports "Shocking news...from the L.A. Times...that the 99 Cents Only chain is mulling a new pricing structure. After years of promising '99 Cents Only,' the store—which has been struggling as of late—may soon become '99 Cents Frequently.'" Currently, CEO Eric Schiffer says the idea is "definitely on the table. That is something we’re looking at . . . in the future for us...Obviously one way [is that] you can start selling things for $1.05, $1.09, $1.15..." You're really pushing it, 99 Cents Only, as the blog points out "The thrill of the 99 Cents Only store is picking up bizarre or crappy products that you normally wouldn't buy—but are willing to give a shot for 99 cents." [Franklin Avenue]