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Reality of Fashion: The Rachel Zoe Project Sneak Peek

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We mentioned that The Rachel Zoe Project will air on Bravo on Monday, September 8, chronicling the celeb stylist's life of glitz, glamour and incredible ability to shop like a mad woman. There's a 20-minute preview posted at Fabsugar, but above and after the jump are quick clips from the upcoming reality show. Known most prominently for brining Nicole Richie into the fashion limelight with flowy '70s dresses and skeletal frame, it seems Zoe is definitely trying to redeem her public persona here, playing a concerned and understanding boss to her two assistants, veteran helper Taylor (the meanie) and newly-hired Brad (the crier, who used to work for Vogue out of the LA bureau.) It's well-produced a la Project Runway and The Hills with a shiny, thin veneer which reeks of ample scripting, but Zoe's rise to Hollywood fashion influencer and fall into obscurity (at least for a few seconds) will no doubt get people watching whether out of love or hate. Is the nicey-nice all a show? Then again, who really cares. Let the craziness begin!
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