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Line Report: 3 Weeks In, People Still Lining Up for 3G

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This is it, the three-week mark since the iPhone 3G launched and 2hr lines still exist around town. Today, The Grove seems like the best bet, while Glendale is not looking good:

The Grove Apple Store: ALL MODELS IN STOCK. 45-minute wait.

Beverly Center Apple Store: Black 16 gig and white 16 gig in stock. 20-minute wait.

Pasadena Apple Store: ALL MODELS IN STOCK, but running low on white 16 gig. 1 1/2hr wait.

3rd Street Promenade Apple Store: Black 16 gig and white 16 gig in stock, with a few black 8 gigs. 2hr wait.

Glendale Galleria Apple Store: "We can't guarantee that if you come down to the store now you'll get a phone."

Century City Apple Store: White 16 gig in stock. 1-1 1/2hr wait.

The Grove

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