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Huff Post Style Section Aims for "Bloggy"

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The Huffington Post's new Style section will not be doing "how-to-communicate-better-with-your-spouse" stories. Bloggasm recently spoke with section editor Anya Strzemien, who has been at the pub since April, 2007, and told the media blog the idea for the new section came about two months ago: "she said it wasn’t difficult to get Arianna to give it the green light — and Strzemien has been developing and networking with a list of contributors since then." What to expect? “I think the idea is to be very bloggy, it’s going to be very opinionated,” with some politically-focused style stories, “Some of the stories will have a political angle, but not even 50% of them will. But yes, we’ll certainly be paying attention to what people wear during the election.” [Bloggasm]