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Au Courant: Current/Elliott on a Peg-and-Roll

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What did we tell you? LA label Current/Elliott is raking in the press. Today, the Los Angeles Times hits designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliott up for tips on how to achieve the '80s peg-and-roll look, akin to the new label's Boyfriend style jean shown right. The (non)skinny on how to get the relaxed look:

It is not Hammer time: Emily Current tells the paper: "They should sit low on your hips...They should be sexy and slinky, not big, baggy weekend jeans."

Peg-and-roll: If you don't have tapered jeans, "Just hold your pant leg taut, fold a section over the ankle, then tightly roll up the whole package. Just be careful not to taper pant legs so severely they look like they're glued to your calf."

Twice as nice: From Current: "We like a very messy thin roll, rolled twice so you see a little above the ankle."

It works for (nearly) everybody!: "Because the silhouette sits low on the hips and is cut loose, it works on both curvy and straight bodies. But the petite or short-waisted should opt for a slightly less pegged roll, so proportions aren't so extreme."

Zip and tuck: "the silhouette looks best when the waistband is showing—so get tucking."

Then accessorize: Belts: "Stylish options include raw leather, vintage-looking belts for day and skinnier, patent leather belts for night." Jewelry: "anything from long strands of pearls over a Hanes T-shirt to bunches of rhinestone brooches pinned to a tuxedo jacket lapel."

Be a show off: "Gladiators, ballet flats and pumps (ones that cover the vamp of the foot work especially well) are all on the menu with rolled jeans. But leave the ankle boots in the closet, or you'll risk looking like a Keebler elf."
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