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Clubbing Like Heidi

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Heidi Montag's line for Anchor Blue, Heidiwood, continues with her Club Collection, launching in-store tomorrow, July 10. The news comes via SpeidiWeb commenter princesspriscilla, who has some creative use of punctuation: "Hey sexy's, dont forget that tomorrow, heidi's new clubwear clothing will premiere at anchor blue. So go out to your nearest anchor blue store and get yours. It is the #1 celebrity clothing line out there, so be sure to get yours before they sell out!!! The clothes are hot, i saw them on the view and i cannot wait!!!" We took a look online, and we got sticker shock. A good portion of the line is between $40-$50. For Heidiwood. At Anchor Blue. Also, Heidi and Spencer's social networking, selling-themselves-with-every-ounce-of-their-being site takes about a million years to load. [SpeidiWeb]