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Reality of Fashion: Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 3

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Kenley works on her dress

The Challenge: Create a garment for a night out on the town inspired by NYC, which happened to be wet and rainy that night. Each supplied with a camera, contestants were taken to a doubledecker bus in ponchos and rain boots and dropped off at four locales—Columbus Circle, Times Square, New York Public Library, and Greenwich Village. They got to choose one picture to use as inspiration for their look, which yielded a fair amount of pouf, ruffles and metallic sheen, and caused Michael Kors to describe Keith's dress as "toilet paper caught in a windstorm." Besides Stella driving everyone to the brink with her banging on grommets and Blayne trying to get Tim to adopt "Holla at cha boy," the episode was rather tame. This week's winner got immunity for next week. Not much to report on Sandra Bernhard's role as guest judge. But, before we get to the winner and the loser, some colorful commentary from the designers on each other's garments:

"Ft. Lauderdale lawn chair" —Joe on Kenley's

"Emily's dress has been done, it's cliche." —Kenley on Emily's

"It doesn't look chic at all." —Daniel on Jennifer's

The Winner: Kenley's teal frock with a fitted bodice and tulip, asymmetrical puffy purple skirt brought home the prize. Nina compared it to "Lacroix, Ungaro," while Michael said it was "very '80s Joan Collins power bitch"—clearly, in a good way.

The Loser: LA's Emily Brandle went home early with a black one-shouldered mini dress with an 'L' shaped burst of ruffles at the front. Tim warned her that it would be a disappointment to the judges, but she didn't heed his advice while there was still time to alter the garment. From Michael: "This explosion of ruffles isn't places fabulously." From Nina? Gasp! No comment! You knew this was not going to end well.
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