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Project Runway Casualty Emily Speaks

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LA-based Project Runway contestant and Smoke & Mirrors designer Emily Brandle dished with Stylehive on the loss. From the Q&A, on what she would've done differently: "Of course, I mean I would have made a different dress, I would have won the challenge, I’d be going to fashion week in September and I would be the winner!" But: "I still think that it’s a beautiful dress—my model told me that all of the other models wanted to buy it. So they’re my customers—young gorgeous girls..." On the competition: "Korto’s design...was so detailed in real didn’t read from the runway because it was all black, so that was a bummer...I thought that Leanne’s was really beautiful, and I thought that should have been the winning look last night." On Smoke & Mirrors: "we’re working on our fourth season right now for Spring ’09...we’re looking for a showroom that’s the right match and East Coast representation for sure, an investor—we have kind of a big wish list!" [Stylehive]