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ReTales: Neely Shearer, Owner of Xin

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We were immediately drawn to label Issho at Xin boutique on Melrose Avenue, the in-house label which owner Neely Shearer designs, and is manufactured in LA. Along with the boutique and the label, Shearer has also been busy preparing for the shop's transformation from August 16 through September 16, when it becomes Xin for Pinkitude, a Pink Panther pop-up benefiting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Pinkitude differentiates itself from other breast cancer foundations by only working with high-end labels. “It's not just cheesy Pink Panther T-shits,” Shearer told Racked. “There will be dresses and diamonds.”

Why this store, now, on Melrose?
We opened nine years ago when this area was still developing. Fred Segal, Miu Miu and Costume National were pretty much the only great stores here. We thought it was one of the last areas that hadn’t yet developed into a full retail fashion area.

What’s been flying off the racks?
Our Issho strapless, vintage print mini-dresses. One is in the window. Fred Segal Santa Monica and Planet Blue also carry them.

What are you most excited about in-store right now that maybe isn’t flying off the racks?
We carry a lot of Fafi right now. She recently did a limited edition line of shirts and we bought them out—about fifty total. We have some of her bags, too. I don’t think people realize how rare they are.

You have $100 to shop in LA—where do you go?
I’d eat. I’d go to Wa for some Japanese and order this fish roll they deep fry like tempura. And a glass of cold Saki.

Make that $1,000.
I’d probably still go to Wa. Or I’d go to a flea market like The Rose Bowl or Fairfax to buy furniture and silly gifts for people. I like chairs and lamps that I don’t need.

What fashion faux pas drives you bananas?
I don’t care for wearing knee high-boots in the summer. I think it's odd. Get a pedicure and wear some hot open-toed shoes or sandals.

Is there any item you would refuse to carry, even if you knew it would be a hot seller?
Velour. Anything velour.
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