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Party (S)hopping: American Apparel Factory Flea Market

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The line started forming at 5am, and when sale opened at 2pm, there were close to 5,000 bargain shoppers—clad in myriad hues of spandex—ready to have at it. In addition to super cheap American Apparel pieces and Toms Shoes, activities included free slip 'n’ slide action, photo booth and tie-dye stations.

Three hours in, the scene turned into a clusterfuck of cardboard boxes, labels inconsistent with contents, v-necks mixed with crew necks…. It was chaos! But the always accommodating AA did what they could to keep the kids happy—live music and free beer.

With all items ranging from $2-$15 dollars, shoppers left with armfuls of goodies ($75k total items sold), and cashiers slipped 'Legalize LA' flyers into every shopping bag. The campaign calls for immigration policy reformation for the estimated 12 million undocumented workers here in the US. “We aren’t trying to be preachy,” an AA rep told Racked. “If we are vocal about taking a political stance on an issue, it's only because it makes sense based on the personality of the company.”

We were advised not to approach founder Dov Charney (“He can be a bit maniacal”), but we watched as he and other staffers scanned the crowd for “potential American Apparel employees.” What does that entail, hot skinny girls in tight clothes?

“Well, uh... yeah,” our AA rep confirmed.

Here’s a tip: If you missed the sale and want some discounted American Apparel, head down to the Community Store located at the factory. You’ll save at least five dollars an item, as shipping is not factored into the retail price.
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