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Retail Theivery: Riot Boutique Robbed of $300,000 Worth of Merch

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Riot exterior and interior after the robbery, captured via

Riot boutique on Melrose Avenue (we believe just west of La Cienega) was robbed either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, cleaned out of $300,000 worth of apparel and accessories. Owner/designer Max Nugus, who was completely bereft on, said the perps even took the Swiffer. The designer's site indicates that he has also opened boutiques in NYC and San Francisco, showcasing his high-end gowns and separates, but said on-air that he and Riot co-owner/designer Keoki Tavares had put their life savings into the boutique, which opened a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, they had not yet set up insurance. In-store was Tavares' first collection.
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