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Sellebrity: Andre 3000 Doesn't Tip, But Receipt Sells on eBay

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Ecorazzi spied this auction on eBay, which ended yesterday, in which a disgruntled waiter sold Andre 3000's tip-less receipt for $14.50. The student-waiter worked at a non-vegan restaurant in Atlanta, which he reports went to much trouble to please Mr. 3000 and his wife, both vegans. Bummed out by the lack of gratuity, he hoped to redeem his tip by selling it. His story below:

"A couple months ago, I waited on Andre 3000. Yes, the rapper. He and his wife came into the restaurant where I wait tables. They landed in my section, and I gave all my other tables away, thinking it would behoove me to give undivided service to such high profile customers (my fellow servers also wanted extra talbes [sic] for extra $). After complaining about some of the food (they are vegan and we are a totally non-vegan restaurant), my manager took a big chunk of money off the bill. The chef had tried to please them with original dishes and took time out of the busy dinner to customize a meal for them. Despite the spot-on service and super-catered food, they felt the need to leave me no money. I had nothing to do with the food, yet he stiffed me.

That being said, I don't want sympathy. I don't want pity. All I want is the $9 tip I rightfully deserved. I am a student who depends on income to pay rent and continue my education. Servers get paid about $2/hour, and we need tips. Help a brother out since Andre wouldn't. Thanks in advance for your generosity. For eva, For eva eva, Matt Moore"

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