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Sneak Peek Video: Johnny Cupcakes Melrose Boutique Preview, III

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Johnny Cupcakes LA shoppe: Webisode #3 from Johnny Cupcakes on Vimeo.

It's nearing the grand opening of T-shirt label Johnny Cupcakes' Melrose store—the big date Saturday, August 2 at 3pm. Mr. Cupcakes released his third webisode recently. Per Hypebeast: "Although for some, the theme behind Johnny Cupcakes may not be their thing, the passion and hustle of Johnny Cupcakes as well as his desire to create a truly memorable buildout must be applauded." We have to agree. This episode captures more on the faux vintage ovens, burners and other baking fixtures, plus the placement of the signage via crane. One of the creatives working on the project describes Johnny's vision, saying he wanted it to look like "a bakery that has been here for 50 years on Melrose." Meanwhile, Johnny is anticipating the disappointment when people realize there are no cupcakes. The fanfair builds.
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