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Line Report: New Ticket System at Pasadena Store, All 3G Models in Stock

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Pasadena, still with the longest line, has instituted a new ticket system, guaranteeing ticket holders iPhones, plus a mysterious—uh, does not exist—3G 8 gig in white is "out of stock" in Santa Monica:

The Grove Apple Store: All models in stock, but "we suggest you come down now, the line is pretty long and people have been waiting since 6:30am."

Beverly Center Apple Store: White 16 gig and black 8 gig in stock. Couldn't say how long the line is.

Pasadena Apple Store: Is fully stocked with all models. The store has instituted a new system where they hand out tickets to customers in line, which has the model and color iPhone they want. Everyone with a ticket is guaranteed an iPhone as long as they come back before 6pm tonight, meaning that you can leave the line and come back when it's (hypothetically) not as long. It's currently a 5-6hr wait and they've started issuing tickets.

3rd Street Promenade Apple Store: We caught someone who must've been a new employee and lived in a cave the last couple weeks. The staffer told us: "We have all models but the 8 gig in white." You mean the 8 gig black? "No [sigh, getting agitated], we have all models but the 8 gigs in white." But there is no 8 gig in white, there's only 8 gig in black. "That's what I told you, we have no 8 gig in white." OK. So, they have all models in stock (except the fictitious 3G 8 gig in white) with a "50 person line that's growing."

Glendale Galleria Apple Store: Black 8 gig and white 16 gig are in stock, but will limited supply. "There's already an 1 1/2hr wait, I can't guarantee if you come now if you'll get a phone."

Century City Apple Store: All models in stock, but running low on black 16 gig, 3hr wait.

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