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Discontinued (Hopefully): LA City Council Tries to Ban Plastic Bag

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The LA Times reports the LA City Council voted this week to ban plastic bags in supermarkets and other stores by July 2010—that is, "but only if the state fails to impose a 25-cent fee on every shopper who requests them," council members explaining "they hope an impending ban would spur consumers to begin carrying canvas or other reusable bags, reducing the amount of plastic that washes into the city's storm drains and the ocean." Per city officials this amounts to 2.3 billion plastic bags used by LA consumers each year.

TreeHugger notes that this "This isn't the first time LA has toyed around with the idea of a ban. The LA County Board of Supervisors raised environmental groups' ire when it watered down crucial provisions of a plastic pollution measure. Under pressure from the plastic bag industry, the board decided to shelve its vote on an outright ban until at least 2010."

Council member Richard Alarcon told the LAT that "the council would eventually pass a law regulating plastic bags. But for now, the council's vote is designed to persuade state lawmakers to impose a fee on them." We think they should ban the name of the opposition—the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, which has filed suit challenging LA County's efforts to lower the use of plastic bags by 30%, again, by 2010. Photo via jericl cat/flickr
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