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Project Runway's Wesley Reflects On Loss

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Castoff of episode 2, Wesley, agreed with the judges critique's of his losing dress, wished he had done something simpler, and is starting a new line. On the judges comments, Wesley told Stylehive: "I had a lot of the same issues and thoughts going into it, and I knew I was gonna be on the bottom so I kind of prepared myself for that. I mean I could see where I went wrong with the design, just have to commit to the design...I couldn’t just not show anything." On what he would've done: "If I could go back I would have done just a safe, simple silhouette with minimal seaming." On his future: "I went from no one knowing me as a designer to everyone that watches the show kind of recognizing me as a designer, so I want to use that to my advantage. I’m looking to start my own line with Daniel—one of the other contestants form the show—we’re planning on working together." People reports that the two are dating. [Stylehive]