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Just Hillin': Latest Season Four Trailer Fashionless

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The most recent trailer for The Hills Season 4 has been released and it's notably devoid of fashion. It's all about who's dating who, and who's dating whose potential boyfriend. Gawker is not at all pleased about these developments: "...judging from a boy-filled online preview (after the jump), it seems just as dull, soul-crushing, and deliciously fucking awful as ever. Most of this is sentiment is heralded by the increasing presence of one Stephanie Pratt, the crescent moon-faced sister of Mattel experiment gone wrong Spencer. She's stirring it up by dating boys belonging to other girls, lying, and bitching." Well, she's always been bad news, but Pratt's seeming to amp up her antics. But, where's the fashion? Where are the biting remarks from Kelly Cutrone at People's Revolution?
· New Season of The Hills Promises More Terrific Awfulness [Gawker]