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Just Hillin': The Dubiousness of Stephanie Pratt, and Does LC Even Go to FIDM?

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Stephanie Pratt via MTV

This, friends, is intel that comes from a trusted Racked source, who attends FIDM—the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Downtown LA—where Hills stars Stephanie Pratt and (supposedly) Lauren Conrad go to school. If you caught our earlier post, Pratt is jumping into the fourth season with an eye on Lauren's new dude. Our source confirms Pratt's penchant for drama, and guesses that Lauren Conrad's school enrollment is pure fantasy.

1) Stephanie Pratt: "I go to FIDM and had a class with Stephanie Pratt almost a year ago, months prior to her Hills debut. It was a weekly six-hour sewing and pattern-making class, so there was a lot of opportunity to chit-chat. Day one, Stephanie went to work letting the entire class 'overhear' her talk about her big bro, Spencer and his gf Heidi. I was on the complete other side of the room and didn't have any trouble hearing her. She made sure EVERYONE was aware of what crew she rolled with. When she wasn't name dropping, she was talking about where the best AA Meeting locations were and what prescription drugs she was taking."

"I was under the impression she was re-taking the class,and although she was an annoying attention-whore, she seemed to take her schooling and sobriety pretty seriously at the time. I don't know why I was so surprised when her pointy face popped up on the small screen because homegirl LOVED drama. She would have text message fights with friends during class and read them to her little minions (who ATE that shit up) as all the drama unfolded. But she worked hard, got her shit done. She always seemed to know what she was doing and enjoyed doing it. So I really wouldn't be surprised if she started her own line like Heidi or Lauren."

2) Lauren Conrad: "OK, I'm not saying she doesn't go to FIDM because what the hell do I know. But I've been going for over a year and I've never had a class with her or seen her on campus. And neither has anyone I've ever spoken to. The only time I even heard about her being on campus was when a friend of mine, who is a camera man for the show, texted me to meet him for lunch because they were filming a scene that day. I've heard tons a rumors that they stage a lot for that show, so I wouldn't be too surprised if Lauren dropped out but they kept filming there, anyways. But hey, maybe we just go on different days. FIDM has a strict "no excused absences, miss three classes and you automatically fail" policy so I don't even see how it would be possible for her to be enrolled with all the jet-setting she appears to do, unless FIDM is making some serious exceptions because she's brought so much publicity to the college.
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