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Slip 'N' Sale: American Apparel's Factory Flea Market

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From 2pm-midnight, this Sunday, July 27, American Apparel is having a sale extravaganza at its factory at 7th and Alameda. People love to hate Dov Charney, but last year (per the flyer) 4,000 people showed and snagged up 200,000 garments. For the $5 entry fee, you get access to the bargain basement tees, leggings, dresses, etc. for as low as $1, as well as BBQ, drinks (adult- or kid-friendly), DJ Sebastien Tellier, obscure flicks from Cinefamily, cool books from Family on Fairfax, and a slip 'n' slide to make it a wet affair for some.
· Second Annual Factory Flea Market!!! [American Apparel]