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Reality of Fashion: Project Runway Season 4 Finalist Rami Kashou Injured But OK

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Online has been buzzing with the story that LA designer and last season's Project Runway finalist Rami Kashou was sent to the hospital after an altercation last week. Via Bravo: "Rami Kashou was attacked Thursday while out to dinner at The Abbey in West Hollywood. We are happy to report, however, that he is doing just fine. We spoke to him this weekend, and although admittedly shaken up, he's OK. Please feel free to leave your comments below and we'll make sure he sees them." [Bravo]

We get more scoop from BlackBook via The Cut: "A partygoer at West Hollywood gay establishment the Abbey reports that he saw a scuffle between Rami and another clubgoer, then witnessed Rami get hit in the head with a martini glass, leaving him bleeding from head to toe. Ouch. While the clubgoer had no idea what started the bar fight, he did see Kashou being taken away in an ambulance, and the martini-glass-thrower being hauled away by security." [The Cut]