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The Next Level: TiVo and Amazon Create New Breed of Couch Potato

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First there was HSN and QVC for all your watch, call and buy needs. Ecommerce has made it virtually unnecessary to leave your home for anything. Now, per the WSJ, TiVo and Amazon have combined the TV/online shopping experience with "Product Purchase," which

"allow[s] consumers to purchase products from Amazon through their television sets using their TiVo remote control. The products are available through on any broadcast or cable network, as well as any interactive advertising feature. The new program...also lets customers search for and buy products associated with shows, movies, actors, and directors. Purchases will be secured with a PIN associated with the user's account."

The new point-and-buy service will debut with products pegged to shows such as Oprah and The Colbert Report. Can you imagine the loot Oprah's favorite things show could bring in if all that merch was put on Amazon? What's the amped up version of product placement? Colbert, we need you to come up with a pithy term, and then we'll buy it!
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