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Party (S)hopping: Tarina Tarantino Launches Barbie

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When jewelry and accessories designer Tarina Tarantino throws a party, you can count on attendees getting into the spirit of her pink, sparkle-fest of a world. Last Thursday marked the launch of the designer's Barbie collection, replete with satiny dresses, tiaras and other gems, fishnets, and, of course, Tarantino's signature fuchsia hair. And, the cars! These Barbies get VW Bugs, Corvettes, Vespas and convertible Jaguars. Dolls and vehicles pictured are all part of an auction—ranging from $700-$1,000—benefiting Clothes Off Our Back through August 5.

Among the peeps filling up the boutique and the back, decked out like a Barbie dream house, was a designer contingent, including Jared Gold, Eduardo Lucero, and Louis Verdad. Fashion journalist/writer and A+R owner Rose Apodaca was there with her songstress sister Blanca. Margaret Cho also came out, friends commenting on her leanness—we noticed her worked-out calves. More than anything, the scene was top-notch people watching—a spectacular display of tulle and satin, accessorized to the max.
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