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Now Open: Fresh & Easy Manhattan Beach

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Our Curbed colleague hit up the Fresh & Easy opening in Manhattan Beach this morning and as you can see the place was hopping with eager grocery shoppers, their carts at the ready. This is the 62nd store for the chain, but the first one to open in three months, after slowing its rate of expansion. Our Curbed associate reports: "Tim Mason, President & CEO of Fresh & Easy, gave some opening remarks about how the time off gave them an opportunity to review operations." The result? "Based on what I'd seen previously, the stores are now much brighter, with reds, greens, yellows and blues used all over the place. It's a much happier appearance. Everything appeared to be stocked well and the PR guy said they had increased the offerings of prepackaged meals that they offered." Now, the grocery store also takes American Express.

Of note is a new Fresh & Easy breaking ground later this month in South LA at the corner of Central and Adams. Tim Mason announced the new store enthusiastically and "said the area has been asking for a supermarket with decent food."

Fun fact: F&E's most popular products are breakfast burritos and shepherds pies.