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American Apparel Condoms

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Right in line with its recent addition of vibrator sales, American Apparel has received a plea from a devoted fan to start the production and sale of condoms. The fan writes: "I have a brilliant idea for you: sell condoms! Exciting ones!...Matching condoms with every pair of leggings!...I know you prefer models that look like they have syphilis, or at least chlamydia, and cool, great, whatever...Condoms are slutty and skintight, which is just your thing!" AA's response? "Should we do it? (get it, "do it")...If so would you trust them to work? What color would you like? What flavor would you like? What scent would you like? Retro? Neon? Ribbed? You make the call...Email us at with the subject header CONDOMS." You, too, can be part of this groundbreaking endeavor. [American Apparel]