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Sneak Peek Video: Johnny Cupcakes Melrose Boutique Preview, II

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Johnny Cupcakes LA shoppe: Webisode #2 from Johnny Cupcakes on Vimeo

The second webisode giving a preview of Johnny Cupcakes' store opening on Melrose Avenue, between Agent Provocateur and Tarina Tarantino, is up. Per Hypebeast: "Keeping true with his brand’s theme, Johnny Cupcakes previews the exhaustive process going into his upcoming Los Angeles location which includes numerous baking and oven references. Watch the video as he outlines the numerous intricate details as well as the design and manufacturing process."

It is pretty impressive. The company Johnny is working with to create these vintage-looking ovens and other pretend cookery works with Disney, Universal Studios and Jeff Koons, making it a fantastical retail world. No matter the actual tees and other mech, Johnny is making us very curious about checking this place out come Saturday, August 2 at 3pm.
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