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Line Report: Apple Customer Reports Bogus iPhone Line at The Grove

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A Racked reader and Apple customer calls into question the legitimacy of the iPhone line at The Grove. Read the account below, which features a nearly empty store, while non-iPhone waiters wait in line for other Apple Store-related business. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation? Let us know:

"Last night about 800 pm, I went to the Apple Store at the grove. There was a line of 15 people waiting there, presumably for the Iphone. I tried to go in, since I only wanted to buy a small item and was stopped at the door, and was told I'd have to wait in line, despite my not wanting an Iphone.

But get this, there were only 20 people IN THE STORE! Looking through the window, there was no more than that! Customer's in line started asking WHY they were in line. An apple employee told us it was because "the store is full." Since we could see it wasn't, people started getting vocal, and they called security on some of the people simply saying the store employee was lying, and this thuggish looking character threatened not to let the complainers in the store at all, if they kept complaining, and if we didn't like it, we could go to the beverly store!"

"What it came down to, was the Apple was making customers wait outside a virtually EMPTY store, so that passersby would assume what I had initially assumed; that there were so many people who wanted an Iphone, they were lined up out the door.
The thing was, I asked 10 of the 15 people in line if they were there for an Iphone,
and NONE of them were. They had a guy carrying an Imac to be serviced, who he made to wait in line outside a virtually empty store for 15 minutes, just so the could use him to "advertise" the "success" of the Iphone! Shouldn't someone report on this? It seems like extremely bizarre business practices to me."
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