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Reality of Fashion: Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 1

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The Challenge: So, much has been made about Project Runway repeating its first-ever challenge—having to create something with $75 with merch from supermarket Gristedes. For whatever reason, they did, which lead to many contestants using tablecloths. The judges were not impressed with this use of such fabric-like material.

The Winner: Blonde, tattooed Kelli from Columbus, Ohio, who stained and bleached vacuum cleaner bags for the skirt of her dress, used burnt-edged coffee filters for the bodice, and spiral binders for hook-and-closers at the back. One resourceful cookie!

The Loser: Jerry Tam, who is behind the label Form (carried at boutiques like Oak in NYC and Creatures of Comfort in LA) lost with a raincoat made from a shower curtain, pale lavender dress beneath, white wellies and yellow kitchen gloves. In fact, the ensemble kind of freaked everyone out—there were a lot of slasher film, murderer comments going around. We learn from Crain's via Racked NYC that his participation has hurt him a bit: "One industry contact already snubbed him, just for being associated with the show. A high-profile public relations firm that had been considering taking on Form as a client simply walked away from the deal when Mr. Tam announced he was joining the show."

The LA Connection: Designer Emily Brandle, co-designer of Smoke & Mirrors, was safe this week with her short pale yellow mini dress with overlay and very green collar made from plastic balls.