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Launches & Releases: Starbucks' Splashy New Sorbetto and Vivanno

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Starbucks launched its new Vivanno smoothie (mango-banana or banana-chocolate) and plain fro-yo-inspired Sorbetto (Pinkberry-flavored, tangy mango, tangy citrus, citrus ice, mixed berry) yesterday. The Vivanno is everywhere, but the Sorbetto is only in select locales. Eater LA spotted another Sorbetto-offering Starbucks, the one on Beverly Boulevard right next to Susina Bakery. "In classic Starbucks branding tactics, there's Sorbetto splashes everywhere, even on the sidewalk. We've been listening to one barista explain the new drinks to each other and various customers for the last hour, and there's a lot of 'it's grapfruity' and 'yes it's Pinkberry' and free samples. One actually did a little 'I hate Starbucks' jig as he inquired how to make one of these new fangled drinks."

The verdict on the berry Sorbetto? Eater LA describes it as "a slushy mixed with fruit juice, not horrible, and gave us a brain freeze. The Pinkberry froyo flavor has that nasty Pinkberry after taste, and kind of smells like glue but, yes, it's tangy."
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