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Just Hillin': The Horror! Lauren Conrad's Line Gets Dropped, Audrina's Style Advice

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First, LC's good news: Apparently she had a Bobby Flay-catered BBQ bash in Malibu at Donna Karan's DKNY Jeans beach house with Hills peeps in tow, so life can't be that bad, or rather, it's very, very cush. Per Glamour mag's Slaves to Fashion blog, Audrina Patridge gave her take on Malibu style: "Some dress up, some dress down—but the key is that they all try to look like it came easy. And I think people show a little more skin here—bare shoulders, a beautiful collarbone, maybe upswept hair and the nape of the neck." Not to mention the legs, taught belly, and cleav, as Audrina displays right with fellow cast member Stephanie Pratt. [Slaves to Fashion]

Now, for LC's less than spectacular news: Trendy retailer Kitson has dropped her eponymous collection from its roster. The chain's owner Fraser Ross told The Cut: "Sales were lackluster...Initially it was great." Ross pushed for a personal appearance, but it was a no go. "They need to realize it’s no different than selling your album, your TV shows, your movies. You have to keep promoting it," he told the blog. [The Cut]


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