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Line Report: Sunday Pre-Opening Apple Store iPhone Line Status

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Well, we know as long as line waiters returned those umbrellas to The Grove staff yesterday (pictured above), you can count on some cover from the sun while hanging out in line today. The latest line status today, before Apple Stores have even open for the day:

Pasadena Apple Store is still reporting long waits at 2-3 hours. "We haven't even opened and the line is down the block to Tiffany's," a staffer reports. Oddly, here they said they couldn't release info on stock, but could only say they "have stock."

The Grove Apple Store reports 1 1/2-2 hour wait and have "plenty of all models."

The Glendale Galleria Apple Store also says 1 1/2-2 hour waits and "plenty of all models."

The Beverly Center Apple Store says there are around 30 people in line and think right now it could be "less than an hour" wait and they have "everything" in stock.

Century City Apple Store is trying to open earlier than its regular noon opening, but was still trying to get permission from the mall. Staff says "come now rather than later" as there are around 25-30 people in line. They guess considerably less than a 2-hour wait right now, but low in black 16 gig, but have plenty white 16 gigs and black 8 gigs.

3rd Street Promenade Apple Store does not answer phones before it opens apparently, will update soon. UPDATE: Staff says the line is running 1/2 the city block "which is pretty normal for us right now" and estimates a 3-hour wait. The store is stocked in all models.

A commenter (see below) suggested the Topanga Canyon Apple Store, as they got in and out in an hour Saturday. Looks like the idea has caught on however, as this morning staff reports 40-50 people in line pre-opening, about a couple hour wait. In terms of stock they have a limited amount of 8 gigs, they have ample white 16 gigs and are out of black 16 gigs.

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