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Line Report: Pasadena iPhone Line Grows, Others Quiet

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Don Palmiagiano of iPhone Matters emailed us a couple pics from the Pasadena Apple Store nearing 10pm Thursday night. He reported a little earlier in the evening that there were around 15 people in line: "Everyone in the line is really relaxed; no one has to ask to have his/her spot saved." Besides "slight case of sunburn and a severe case of bored," he's had plenty of time to test out some applications: "I recommend: AIM, eBay Mobile, Jott, Loopt, Pandora, Paypal, Apple iTunes Remote, Twitterific, and Urban Spoon. My overall favorite: Urban Spoon because of it’s creativity and usefulness."

We checked The Grove and the Beverly Center, and all was quiet around midnight, though the line for 12:05am and 12:10am showings of The Dark Knight at The Grove was nearly out the door. ADDENDUM: Couldn't find confirmation of Dark Knight showing that night. Not sure if this was people buying advance tickets for next week plus people in line for other movies, or what.
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Line at the Pasadena Apple Store