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Line Report: Early Morning, iPhone Lines at The Grove and Beverly Center, Pasadena the Longest

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The Grove Apple Store: Meet the first and second folks in line at The Grove Apple Store: #1 is on the right, Trevant Mann, in the purple, who has been waiting in line since noon yesterday; #2 is on the left, Channon Bryan, who got in line at 2:30am after finishing work. Behind them (and in the next picture) is #3 Eugene Watson who's been in line since 2pm yesterday, but ended up #3 instead of #2 because Trevant was holding Channon's place.

At 6:15am, The Grove Apple staff brought out coffee and moved the line from around the corner from the American Girl store to a roped off area in front of the Apple store. Line was 110 deep by then, with a few people running to the line in their pajamas.

Beverly Center Apple Store: As we mentioned, the line starts in front of the Quiznos, just west of La Cienega and Beverly Boulevard. The line was more subdued here at 6am, around 40 people. The first people in line arrived at 2:30am. One guy, half jokingly, was trying to rally people for a group picture, but no one was biting.

Pasadena Apple Store: At 6:45am, our friend Dom Palmiagiano from iPhone Matters, reports there are "Over 200 people. Too many to count."
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