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Live Blogging at Beverly Center Apple Store!

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By 7:45am the line at the Beverly Center Apple store had been moved indoors to a line outside the store in front of the escalators. There were 200-plus people patiently waiting. First three in line, left to right in the first image: #1 student Angel Cornejo, who arrived at 1am; #2 Andrew Ryan Warmuth, an actor, who arrived at 2:30am; and #3 actor/dancer/model Dominic Jacob Carter, who arrived at 2am, but left to go get food and lost has #2 space in line.

The Apple Staff came and rallied line-waiters by clapping and running around in a circle and whooping. The first batch were let in at 8am sharp, followed by a second batch at 8:05am. A third batch didn't come until around 8:50am due to activation issues causing delays. The process seems to be taking 30-40 minutes from the time you get into the actual store to activation.

Poor Angel, who waited so long, had to leave and to go an AT&T store because he was under his aunt's plan. Apple staffers tried to make him feel better by telling him they were almost positive he would still be able to get an iPhone today. Dominic, #3 in line, waited 1hr 20min to get his iPhone and still had to fully activate "outside this store network because it's just so hammered with activation right now." Nonetheless, he was very smiley (second image) as he left. [RackedWire]